Ferrara Travel

Discovering Ferrara!

Ferrara takes me and my sketchbook by surprise.
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remote working

How A Rejection Letter From Google Was The Best Thing That Happened to Me in 2016

Rejection sucks, but when you’re a young mom trying to get back into the career game, it sucks so much worse.
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lake como painting

Lake Como Love Stories: Until Tomorrow

They are here every single day of summer, this aging pair. Sometimes with their yellow kayak; other times returning with their tiny, blue, battery-powered boat. Often, just bathing together in these healing waters. And she’s always got a cute bikini on.
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Nyx Martinez Artist

An Artist’s Journey: Dreams & Desires

What happens when our own sense of self gets forgotten? What happens to our soul on this journey?
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How to Paint a Soul

How to paint, I wondered, somebody who lived and loved and laughed and left this earth without a single photograph?
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Postcards From Como

But it’s impossible to paint Perfection.

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