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Hi and thank you for visiting. I’m Nikki, an artist and writer. If you are looking for help with either illustrations or written content, send me an email at

Why Work with Me?

  • Reach a global audience
  • Create great content that both inspires and translates to sales
  • Get help with English text and editing

My focus is to connect with your audience through art and travel stories. Answering questions such as:

Who are the characters that make this worth reading? Why should your audience pay attention? What are the the questions that need answering? How can we tell a story that cuts through the digital noise out there?

How can you partner with me to grow your brand or company?

  1. Commission stories for digital or print publications (Samples below)

Everything You Need to Know About San Francisco’s Hottest New Restaurant, International Smoke (for SF Tourism)

Lake Como in Winter: Budget Tips for an Italian Alps Holiday (Budget Travel Booking)

  1. Hire me to edit or proofread existing content
  2. Collaborate on a blog post to promote your destination, business, or product (Samples below)

4 Places to Find Creative Inspiration in Czechia (for Czech Republic Tourism)

How to Find Ways to Volunteer in Disaster Relief (for

More Published Article Samples:

Northern Italy: Dine Like the Locals Do

The Best Kitesurfing Spots in the Philippines

Drawn to Dresden

Lago di Como: Lakeside Splendor

Budget guide to Ceské Budejovice (Budweis), Czech Republic

Budget guide to Pilsen (Plzen), Czech Republic

Budget guide to Františkovy Lázne (Franzensbad), Czech Republic

Pintxos and Tapas: Delightful Culinary Traditions in Spain

Wine Holidays with Kids! The Valtellina Vineyards

My First Noel (Chicken Soup for the Soul: Christmas Magic, 2010)

Venice Carnival: Ten Ways to Save Money and See More

Northern Italy: Ten Ways to Save When Visiting Lake Como

Lake Como in Winter: Budget Tips for an Italian Alps Holiday

50 Free Things We Enjoyed This Summer

Drawn to Dresden


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