fish market la spezia

5 Reasons to Visit Local Farmers’ Markets Wherever You Travel

Loud, often chaotic, but full of life. Want to hear the true heartbeat of a city? Head to its local markets.
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Pompeii: A Buried Treasure

The best time to see and experience the ruins of Pompeii is at 8:30 in the morning. Try to get there when its gates first open.
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Leaning tower of Pisa

Seeing Pisa: The Tiny Leaning Tower

Travelling in Italy with our kids is both foreign and familiar. They speak the language fluently and act as our translators through Tuscany.
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Anitun Tabu by Nyx Martinez

Travel, An Awakening

Travel is a wake-up call. It shines the spotlight on other worlds outside our own. And travel teaches us that it is quite alright to journey alone.
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Travel with Kids: West Bohemia in the Czech Republic

On my second visit to Western Bohemia, I should’ve known better than to ask the waitress if the restaurant offered anything that “wasn’t so heavy”.
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Venice Carnival 2016: Travel Tips & Video

Headed to one of the world’s biggest parties this weekend? Read my tips for budget travel and know what's going on in Venezia Carnevale 2016!
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Lake Como in Winter: Budget tips for an Italian Alps holiday

Residents of Milan only need to drive an hour to reach Lake Como’s shores. Summer is high season and the water is packed. But in winter, when crisp temperatures drop, so do the prices.
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Hiking in Val Masino

If the best things in life are free, it's especially true out here. No "entry fee" to enjoy the wonderful world of the Val Masino.
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Wine Holidays With Kids! The Valtellina Vineyards

These are the terraces built by hand for the Chiavennasca grape, and we are traipsing under the Valtellina sun.
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Nyx Martinez Artist Journey

An Artist’s Journey Pt. 2: Internal Resistance

As you know, the best things in life hardly happen when we “feel” ready.
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