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Lago di Como Bellano

50 Free Things We Enjoyed This Summer

Blink, and you’ll miss a childhood. Rush, and you run past life.
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fish market la spezia

5 Reasons to Visit Local Farmers’ Markets Wherever You Travel

Loud, often chaotic, but full of life. Want to hear the true heartbeat of a city? Head to its local markets.
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Colors of Autumn in Italy


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Pompeii: A Buried Treasure

The best time to see and experience the ruins of Pompeii is at 8:30 in the morning. Try to get there when its gates first open.
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Leaning tower of Pisa

Seeing Pisa: The Tiny Leaning Tower

Travelling in Italy with our kids is both foreign and familiar. They speak the language fluently and act as our translators through Tuscany.
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Experiencing Italy: Our Adventure Begins!

The goal is a little ambitious: to see as much of the Italian coast as we can while the kids are on summer school break! We started out on the …

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Ferrara Travel

Discovering Ferrara!

Ferrara takes me and my sketchbook by surprise.
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Anitun Tabu by Nyx Martinez

Travel, An Awakening

Travel is a wake-up call. It shines the spotlight on other worlds outside our own. And travel teaches us that it is quite alright to journey alone.
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remote working

How A Rejection Letter From Google Was The Best Thing That Happened to Me in 2016

Rejection sucks, but when you’re a young mom trying to get back into the career game, it sucks so much worse.
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Lake Como Rainbow

Rainbow Season

When is Rainbow season?
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Travel with Kids: West Bohemia in the Czech Republic

On my second visit to Western Bohemia, I should’ve known better than to ask the waitress if the restaurant offered anything that “wasn’t so heavy”.
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