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Discovering Ferrara!

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Ferrara takes me and my sketchbook by surprise.

4 Tips 4 Making A Living Writing

travel writer Nyx Martinez

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.”

Travel, An Awakening

Anitun Tabu by Nyx Martinez

Travel is a wake-up call. It shines the spotlight on other worlds, the ones outside ...

How A Rejection Letter From Google Was The Best Thing That ...

remote working

Rejection sucks, but when you’re a young mom trying to get back into the career game, ...

Maia's Wall Art by Nyx.small

Nyx created three beautiful custom paintings for my daughter's nursery. We coordinated in the months before my daughter arrived, collaborating to create a vision that incorporated my desire to have a serene environment for my baby. I loved the fantastical, dreamlike quality of some of her other works and she managed to translate that perfectly into art for a child. The colors and feel are perfect and I love that we have something unique for my little girl.

Marie, USA

coloring page adults Nyx Martinez

Since I'm not an artist, sometimes I'm frustrated that I can't express myself creatively. I find coloring a wonderful stress reliever, and Nyx's art resonates with me. I have not found meaningful art elsewhere to colour.

April, mother of 6, Australia

I first read an article by Nyx when she was 14 and was amazed. I saw her talent grow to maturity, adding depth and humanity to her wonderful writings. It’s been an honor to work with such an inspired and inspiring author!

Caryn, Editor and Social Advocate, USA

African art Nyx Martinez

Martinez' palette thrives not on artistic perfectionism, but on simplicity. The tranquil greens, browns, purples and blacks calmly embrace the canvases creating a haunting depth...that is hard to ignore.

The New Vision Newspaper

gera lario lighthouse Lake Como painter

Nyx is a woman with a mission to make a difference in the hearts of people, one aorta at a time.

Sugar Sugar Magazine

Nyx Martinez Artist
Hello and Welcome!

I'm Nyx—an artist, writer, and mom of two. Celebrating life through art and storytelling, I love to record everyday moments in my travel journals and sketchbooks.

Those journeys have taken me to over 20 countries in three continents. I’ve worked as a Travel TV host, travel writer and travel book editor. Yet the best adventures I know of need no mode of transportation...only an open heart and imagination!

Nyx Martinez Travel
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