About Nyx

Hello and welcome to Stories & Sketches!

I’m Nyx, an artist, writer, and mom of two.

I never went to art or literary school. But drawing and writing have always been a part of my journey.

As a child, I recall being lost between the pages of C.S. Lewis’ hardbacks, imagining that “magical” wardrobes in my bedroom led to winter wonderlands.

But it would be many years before I ever saw snow. Instead, my world was a tropical one. I grew up in the Philippine Islands, Thailand, and India.

Eventually, my travels took me to Uganda, where I lived and worked for three-and-a-half adventurous and wonderful years.

Nyx Martinez portraits

By accident (or was it serendipity?), I later did TV and radio presenting in the Philippines.

The Living Asia Channel documentaries aired across Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and North America. We had some fantastic experiences, and I met my future husband on one of the shoots!

My journeys in travel storytelling continued. Once my kids were born, I started always carrying around a sketchbook, to record those everyday moments.

I then worked as managing editor for Mabuhay, the in-flight magazine of Philippine Airlines, and co-wrote two travel books for the Philippines’ Department of Tourism.

Travel artist Nyx Martinez


Freelance Writer & Editor

I’m now a full-time freelancer, creating editorial content for folks all over the planet. I create for web and mobile marketing, travel magazines, books, and public speeches.

If your brand has a powerful and unique story, I can help you put it into words and tell it.

My stories and sketches have been featured in Smart Parenting, Finer Minds, Female Network, Good Housekeeping, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Volunteer Forever, Asian Traveler Magazine, “Best of the Best Philippines”, Expat TV, Pinoy Pride, the Uganda Observer, and Illustrado Magazine.

Here are a few of my published stories:

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My First Noel (Chicken Soup for the Soul) 

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How a Rejection Letter from Google Was the Best Thing That Happened to Me in 2016

I believe that the best part about traveling is the serendipitous moments which can never be planned.

They are the moments that surprise you, delight you, and carry you away to the next adventure.

They are the moments that become the stories we tell our children for years to come.

If you love travel and art, let’s connect!

Facebook: Sketchbook Journeys

LinkedIn: Nyx Martinez

Twitter: @nyxmartinez

Need a storyteller or artist? To collaborate, you can hire me on Scripted Inc., via my Contact Page, or send an email to nyxmartinez@gmail.com.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Nyx Martinez Artist Ik Tribe

Uganda, 2003

Hong Kong, 2006

Zamboanga, Mindanao, Southern Philippines, 2007

Lost in Venice, 2008

 Working from Sicily, 2017

Pompeii Travel

Pompeii, 2017

lake como couple

Lago di Como, 2018

Pompeii: A Buried Treasure

Stepping into Pompeii is both eerie and amazing. Rows of identical houses are connected by stone slabs, spaced out just enough for Roman chariots to plow through. In fact, you’ll still see what looks like chariot or wagon wheel tracks throughout the city. As if...

Seeing Pisa: The Tiny Leaning Tower

Up close with the leaning tower of Pisa, the iconic structure seems tiny. Tourists with selfie-sticks, crowds of visitors, and street-sellers all crowd to Piazza dei Miracoli (The “Square of Miracles”). Traveling through Italy is both familiar and foreign....

Discovering Ferrara!

Ferrara took me and my sketchbook by surprise.   On a whim, I decided to go with Ellie, my four-year-old, on a trip to a city I’d never been before, much less heard of. It was for the fifth edition of the Autori Diari di Viaggio Festival, or Travel Diaries Festival. A...

Travel, An Awakening

Travel didn’t always thrill me. The first memory I have of an airport was that ugly tarp in the old Philippine International Departure Terminal. It was muggy and gray, just like my memory of that particular day. The year was 1985. I was five years old, and my parents...

How A Rejection Letter From Google Was The Best Thing That Happened to Me in 2016

I lie. It was pretty devastating. But let me backtrack a bit… In November 2015, I’d heard that a Fortune 500 company was hiring. They needed remote content producers for a travel and tourism-related job. It required at least three years in publishing,...

Travel with Kids: West Bohemia in the Czech Republic

  On my second visit to Western Bohemia, I should’ve known better than to ask the waitress if the restaurant offered anything that “wasn’t so heavy”. “Evry-zing in Czech Republik iss e-vee!” came the curt reply. It was Easter and we were in Františkovy Lázně, a...

Venice Carnival 2016: Travel Tips & Video

  Carnevale Venezia 2016 comes to its grand finale on Sunday, February 10. The world-renowned festival itself is said to come from the Italian words “carne” (meat) and “levare” (to remove or withdraw). In former times, Venetians went all out partying and feasting...

Lake Como in Winter: Budget tips for an Italian Alps holiday

Lake Como may be the destination of the diamond-studded celebrity crowd, but if you know where—and when—to go, you can score a sensational holiday for half the price. For centuries, this pristine lake and its surrounding mountain peaks have been a prime holiday spot...

Hiking in Val Masino

Seeing the Val Masino was like no other landscape I had come across before. Wide, open spaces were scattered with piles of gigantic rock formations. Boulders that seem to have fallen out of nowhere sat majestically between hills and rivers, creating pools of crystal...

Wine Holidays With Kids! The Valtellina Vineyards

The last time I found myself teeter-tottering on terraces in the middle of nature, it was beneath the Sagada sun. The impressive ground below my feet was made up of fields of rice. They were intricately carved and a gleaming green: the famous Philippine rice fields....