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The best freelancers not only know how to write well, but also how to communicate with clients in a way that builds lasting relationships. We’ve been thrilled to see clients from a wide range of industries returning to collaborate with Nikki on a daily basis. Thomas Yarnell

Head of Marketplace Operations, Scripted USA

Thank you for the love and support you gave me towards the children of the Foundation. Above all, your contribution to the conference in Brussels to raise awareness about HIV/poverty. We are very grateful!
Maria Mpore

Founder, Foundation Suzanne Uwanyiligira, Uganda

Thanks for the AMAZING work on the homepage!!! It was perfect. KS

Business Owner, Travel Website, Washington DC

Editing & Proofreading

Need your manuscripts edited? Got a book in your head? Contact me for English editing services.

Writer & Ghostwriter

Make an impact in-person and online. Create the digital content your business needs to thrive.

Artist & Illustrator

Like any pieces from my Art Gallery? Order your own personalized art, paintings, prints, or illustrations.