Taking My Art and My Babies to Brussels!

Rwandan Child by Nyx Martinez

Rwandan Child by Nyx Martinez

What if art could change the way we see our world?

The way we do the things we do every day?

What if art could heal our hearts?

The way that water quenches our thirst?

I am honored to have been invited to show my paintings next month in Brussels for a Charity Gala, in support of a beautiful Foundation in Kigali, Rwanda for orphans and widows affected by HIV.

It is a dream come true to truly live my art’s mission this year, even with two babies in tow! It will be my first public art show in many years. Needless to say, I’m nervous but excited! It has been nearly ten years since I lived in East Africa, but I believe in the creative power art has to touch lives across continents and spark global change, and am grateful for this chance to journey back to a place I left my heart and one of the original continents that sparked my passion to keep creating art that matters.

Thank you to everyone who has supported my art over the years, commissioned works and encouraged me to keep painting. I’ll update you on the event and all the unexpected adventures waiting to happen. You can read more about the event and full story here.

Some shots from the busy paintings nights in my kitchen lately:

Nyx Martinez Painting for Rwanda charity

Nyx Martinez Rwanda exhibition

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