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Do you have days where the routine of life gets tiring?

When waking up in itself seems a chore?

When work gets in the way of loving your family?

When you just wish you could curl up and go back to sleep?

I have a lot of those kind of days…as a mom of two small kids, far away from family and no household help. Sometimes, getting through each day is wonderful—sometimes, not so much.

But two days ago, waking up was different. I rose at dawn, thinking it was my birthday. (Typically, I’d mixed up Wednesday and Thursday.)

What else did I do?

…Woke up happy! Excited!

…Filled five pages of journals, wrote two poems, put down some big—and small—goals on paper.

…Thought about life; existence; purpose.

Read an email message from a friend and book author who also (mistakenly) thought it was my birthday. He wrote:


Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!

May your heart be full of LOVE and JOY as you celebrate who you are with family and friends!

May your life be full of HOPE and WISDOM so every experience starting today blesses you magnificently

May your soul be full of FAITH and LIGHT as you come closer to being the Nyx you are meant to be.


Awake early, at the best part of the day, I thought about starting all over again, and how wonderful it was to be given another chance at living.

And then I looked at the date on my computer, and realized it wasn’t my birthday yet. I still had 24 hours of living as a 33-year-old!

I smiled to myself at how silly of me this mix up was. And yet, I still cherished in wonder the message from miles away that warmed my heart. I sat on the couch looking out onto the beautiful bright sky, silent lake, and lush mountains in the distance.

That day was not really like any other, but in my mind, I’d thought it was. Relishing the early morning moments that allowed me to connect with my inner strength, self and spirit…I took a deep breath, exhaled, and realized:

Nyx Martinez Birthday blog

Every day really can be a new beginning

Every day can be a new year

Every day can be your birthday—or a re-birth—

A new adventure to look forward to

A new phase of learning

A new chance at loving, and forgiving

The start of a new you.


Ten minutes later, the kids were up, breakfast had to be set, coffee and tea put on, chores to get on with and work to do. In my mind, I kept imagining it was still my birthday, and that I’d begun a new year.

I tackled the bathrooms and laundry with renewed energy, painted new pictures and enjoyed a midday bike ride with my toddler. Seeing my surroundings in a new light made a difference. Thinking it was my birthday made everything seem more special.

Today, I wish you the happiness and celebration of birthdays. And I want to also ask you these questions:

What would you do if today was your birthday?

How would you live differently?

What choices would you make?

Who would you spend the day with? 

What would you shop for? 

What would you write?

What would you draw?

Which lists would you leave undone?

What would you accomplish? 

How would you CELEBRATE?

Let me know in the comment box below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Every day is a new beginning, because boy, how many mistakes do you make in a day? I don’t know about you, but I make plenty. You can’t turn the clock back, so you have to look ahead.

–Mel Gibson