“Self Discovery” Wine Art Print 20 x 30in


Limited Edition Signed by Nyx Martinez. Giclée Art Print with white trim, produced in Lago di Como, Italy.

Original Wine Art made with Spanish aged Tempranillo.

Top-quality modern printing ensures your fine art print retains its striking look and original vivid colors. Produced on quality paper with a glossy finish.

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Picasso once said, “Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

I believe art can also wash FORTH the soul, baring and exhibiting it; transforming the dust of everyday living into powerful experiences of energy and light.

Making wine-art is my way of celebrating all the wonderful gifts life has given.  My paintings portray the emotions and imperfections of humanity; each piece is made with passion, vibrant and energetic.

Painting with red wine creates a sense of unlimited space and intense action. Both the flow and the unpredictability of this medium make it an exciting process. I combine the use of Chinese calligraphy brushes with the deep full-bodied colors and flavors of red wine. To make the most out of the wine’s magic, I often use a drip-method; the paintbrush itself rarely touches the paper. The wine freely flows where it wills; loosely and energetically. And, like the effects of a good wine, the magenta colors of the wine’s lovely stain intensify with time. Their transparent layers deepen, and the final picture emerges. The print reproduction is both affordable and an elegant addition to any space.

Wine Painter Nyx Martinez

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Published by Nyx

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