“Kept” 8×11 Inches Acrylic Art Print


12.00 8.00

Giclée Art Print of original Acrylic Fine Art. Top-quality modern printing ensures your fine art print retains its striking look and original vivid colors. Produced on quality paper with a glossy finish. Printed in Lago di Como, Italy.


This acrylic painting tells of a mother bringing her baby into the world. How will she be able to cope? How will she be able to care, protect, provide for another human being?

How will she be able to love, enough for another soul?

New mothers have many questions; not enough answers. I have learned, we find our own answers living our lives for our children and with them, day by day. Sometimes, it is even they who say the words we need to hear, who become the love we need to keep on living.

We don’t need all the answers, but the ones we need often arrive at just the right time.

Published by Nyx

Travel Artist, Sketchbook Journeys

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