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Lake Como in Winter: Budget tips for an Italian Alps holiday

Residents of Milan only need to drive an hour to reach Lake Como’s shores. Summer is high season and the water is packed. But in winter, when crisp temperatures drop, so do the prices.
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Saxon Nutcracker Man

A Proper Saxon Christmas Pt. 2: Nutcracker Men and Merry Cherubs!

Read about our very traditional Erzgebirge Christmas in Saxony!
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saxon Christmas Pyramid

A Proper Saxon Christmas Pt 1: Festive Fun and Pyramids

When winter dark wraps these snowy villages, the Erzgebirge Pyramid stands. Tall and bright like a bedecked Christmas tree, it glows with warmth. They can be miniature in size, or as huge as a house.
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Hiking in Val Masino

If the best things in life are free, it's especially true out here. No "entry fee" to enjoy the wonderful world of the Val Masino.
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Wine Holidays With Kids! The Valtellina Vineyards

These are the terraces built by hand for the Chiavennasca grape, and we are traipsing under the Valtellina sun.
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Lago di Como Bellano

50 Free Things We Enjoyed This Summer

Blink, and you’ll miss a childhood. Rush, and you run past life.
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lake como painting

Lake Como Love Stories: Until Tomorrow

They are here every single day of summer, this aging pair. Sometimes with their yellow kayak; other times returning with their tiny, blue, battery-powered boat. Often, just bathing together in these healing waters. And she’s always got a cute bikini on.
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Nyx Martinez Artist Journey

An Artist’s Journey Pt. 2: Internal Resistance

As you know, the best things in life hardly happen when we “feel” ready.
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Nyx Martinez Artist

An Artist’s Journey: Dreams & Desires

What happens when our own sense of self gets forgotten? What happens to our soul on this journey?
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How to Paint a Soul

How to paint, I wondered, somebody who lived and loved and laughed and left this earth without a single photograph?
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