Travel with Kids: West Bohemia in the Czech Republic

Reading Time: 4 minutes  It was my second visit to Western Bohemia. I should’ve known better than to ask the waitress if the…

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Venice Carnival 2016: Travel Tips & Video

Reading Time: 2 minutes[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]   Carnevale Venezia 2016 comes to its grand finale on Sunday, February 10. The world-renowned festival itself is said…

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Lake Como in Winter: Budget tips for an Italian Alps holiday

Reading Time: 1 minuteLake Como may be the destination of the diamond-studded celebrity crowd, but if you know where—and when—to go, you can…


A Proper Saxon Christmas Pt. 2: Nutcracker Men and Merry Cherubs!

Reading Time: 4 minutes(Repost from my 2014 Blog. Read Pt. 1 here.) True to his word, on the first Advent eve, Opa started…


A Proper Saxon Christmas Pt 1: Festive Fun and Pyramids

Reading Time: 5 minutes(Repost from 2014 Blog) +++ “Mom, do you know what day it is today?” My nearly-five-year-old, who—if left to his…

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Hiking in Val Masino

Reading Time: 4 minutesSeeing the Val Masino was like no other landscape I had come across before. Wide, open spaces were scattered with…

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Wine Holidays With Kids! The Valtellina Vineyards

Reading Time: 5 minutes[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] The last time I found myself teeter-tottering on terraces in the middle of nature, it was beneath the Sagada…


50 Free Things We Enjoyed This Summer

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Lake Como Love Stories: Until Tomorrow

Reading Time: 5 minutes  On the shores of Lake Como, under the shimmering light of summer, I spy them. Returning from a kayak…


An Artist’s Journey Pt. 2: Internal Resistance

Reading Time: 5 minutes(To read “An Artist’s Journey Pt. 1: Dreams and Desires”, click here.)     “One of the things most worth…