HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!

My SEVEN Wishes for you in 2017 are that you:

1.) Prioritize Pleasure this year!
2.) Take CARE of Yourself. (Because you can only be good to others when you are good to yourself.)
3.) Take Your TIME. Spend it with those who matter to you the most.
4.) DO what makes YOU happy and fulfilled. That joy will have a ripple effect, you’ll see.
5.) ALLOW yourself to enjoy each day, enjoy your loved ones, see life as a rich and beautiful landscape.–Because it is!
6.) Find the PERFECTION, even in imperfection.
7.) Know that everything has a season, reason, and time. This could be yours.

When you allow yourself the luxury of imagining and then pursuing your desires, you are able to create with more passion; moving intentionally in the direction of your dreams.

And I wish that this will be the year you will look back on and know that your dreams really did come true!!

Much Love, and Happy 2017!

Nyx Martinez