What does Easter mean to you?

For my son, it means the Oster Hase (Easter Bunny) is in town, spreading chocolate love everywhere. For me, I remember that a couple easters ago was when the first Spring blossoms opened up and I discovered (with a multitude of mixed feelings!) that we would have a new addition to the family.

So, Easter will always mean new life, new beginnings, a new day to start again. It’s wonderful to wake up and realize that we have second chances, we have forgiveness, and we have hope that life gets better.

I painted this canvas today from the photograph of a friend in Africa who is giving birth in a couple of days. Wishing her and new mothers everywhere the happiness that new life brings, and the joy that becoming a mom creates.

This 24×34 cm Wine Art piece is for sale at my gallery. Please stop by and have a look around. Thanks!