After many weeks of work, I took a couple days off to do nothing but enjoy my children, my husband, swim in the lake, eat gelato and sketch.

Art by Nyx

Making art brings me joy. Handwriting poetry and letters to my children has become a form of meditation and way to de-stress.

There must be some scientific explanation for this, when creating visual art opens up other pathways in the brain, making it work faster and more efficiently. 

This is what sketching does for me. If I hit that terrible writer’s block, I sit awhile and sketch, or take a walk with my sketchbook and draw to please no one else. 



sketch monti 1


Art by Nyx

Next week I join my first Urban Sketchers session, painting live nudes in Milan. I’m excited to continue this journey!

Seeing, absorbing, and recording life with my pencil. Thank you for following my art journeys, will post more updates over the next couple of weeks that I plan to create more.

Artists or not, we need more of this. We need to do more of what makes us come alive. We need to connect with those who help us live fully.

Art by Nyx


Do you mind if I stay for awhile

In my own head?

There are words I’d rather meet

In there instead.

Do you mind if I let the waves

Lap up the shore

And just remain silent here

And say no more?

Do you mind if I just kept this moment

To myself?

It doesn’t seem the right time

For anyone else

Even when we don’t speak, it’s perfect

For awhile

Do you mind? I’m thinking that I miss

Your smile.